Author: Candace Penn

Phill Dionne: Test batch tagging methods on nearshore forage fish

View the presentation here. Phill gave this talk at the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference in Canada. The study took place in Central Salish Sea, What are forage fish? They are a food for rockfish salmon and sea birds. Examples of

Bobbi Hudson: Modeling trophic interactions in South Sound

View the presentation here. Bobbi Hudson is the assistant director for the Pacific shellfish institute (PSI), a Washington based organization. Most of the funding is grant funding some through NOAA through Sea Grant, private funding, and tribes. Ecological Carrying capacity

Eric Christensen: Sea level rise, Budd Inlet

View the presentation here. Olympia’s’ Budd inlet ┬áhas over two miles of shoreline, City policy in 2010 included protecting downtown olympia. SINCE the last ice age sea levels have risen over 400ft, IPCC scenarios expect up to 3ft of sea