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Jen McIntyre: New science documenting toxic impacts on salmon and other aquatic species

View the presentation here. This primarily focusses on coho salmon, mostly because of the phenomena of pre-spawn mortality that occurs in urban creeks. There is a connection between prespawn mortality and traffic congestion that was interesting enough to study. They

Bob McKane: Nisqually Community Forest VELMA modeling

View the presentation here. Working forests can also recover salmon. This talk describes several tools VELMA (Visualizing Ecosystem Land Management Assessments), PENUMBRA (steam shade and temperature model), and EDT (Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment). The Mashel watershed currently shows pretty intensive

Lindsey Hamilton: Exploring drivers of fecal coliform pollution trends in South Puget Sound

View the presentation here. Looking for fecal coliform in shellfish growing areas. Shellfish need to be protected! They even have districts…14 active Shellfish Protection Districts. Lindsey is looking at changes and trends in fecal coliform in these Districts. Bacteria data

LOTT’s Reclaimed Water Study: What we have learned so far about residual chemicals in our local waters

View the presentation here. Wendy Steffensen and Jeff Hansen- LOTT is a wastewater utility.  They receive wastewater from Thurston County, Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater.  They discharge treated water to Budd Inlet.  But they have been grappling with how to accommodate growth

Phill Dionne: Test batch tagging methods on nearshore forage fish

View the presentation here. Phill gave this talk at the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference in Canada. The study took place in Central Salish Sea, What are forage fish? They are a food for rockfish salmon and sea birds. Examples of

Megan Moore: Steelhead smolt survival through Puget Sound

View the presentation here. Puget Sound steelhead have really declined over the last 30 years. Ouch! Steelhead telemetry is a cool tool. Greater migration distance means lower survival. Bummer. Too bad that Puget Sound is such a tough place for

Bobbi Hudson: Modeling trophic interactions in South Sound

View the presentation here. Bobbi Hudson is the assistant director for the Pacific shellfish institute (PSI), a Washington based organization. Most of the funding is grant funding some through NOAA through Sea Grant, private funding, and tribes. Ecological Carrying capacity

Wendy Welch and Andy Long: An updated groundwater model for regional planning – ChambersClover Creek Watershed, Pierce County

Hello! I’m your guest live blogger, Bonnie Becker from UW Tacoma. The purpose of this USGS project is to update the groundwater model so that managers can prepare for future water demand. Groundwater model has a larger study area (706

Jason Toft: The impacts of armoring on Salish Sea shorelines

Shoreline monitoring toolbox Shoreline Armoring Impacts and Beach Restoration Effectiveness Vary with Elevation View the presentation here. Results of their work, comparing shorelines. North, Central and South Sound are consistent in term of their width and shade, but lose these

Eric Christensen: Sea level rise, Budd Inlet

View the presentation here. Olympia’s’ Budd inlet  has over two miles of shoreline, City policy in 2010 included protecting downtown olympia. SINCE the last ice age sea levels have risen over 400ft, IPCC scenarios expect up to 3ft of sea