Bobbi Hudson: Modeling trophic interactions in South Sound

View the presentation here.

Bobbi Hudson is the assistant director for the Pacific shellfish institute (PSI), a Washington based organization.

Most of the funding is grant funding some through NOAA through Sea Grant, private funding, and tribes.

Ecological Carrying capacity equals the amount of capacity a habitat/ecosystem can handle.

Why Ecopath? Mass balance approach of looking at the entire ecosystem. Bobbi also went over some ecopath basics and the food web.

Some species PSI looked at were geoduck olympia oyster, blue heron, eel grass, kelp and other bird species.

Ecosim: PSI used a Ecosim model to forecast future events and scenarios. you can use ecosim to look at individual species and how they will respond to various conditions. This gives an idea about how one species decrease in population can affect other populations

Scenarios indicate changes in mediation conditions, fishing, and aquaculture.


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