Eric Christensen: Sea level rise, Budd Inlet

View the presentation here.

Olympia’s’ Budd inlet  has over two miles of shoreline, City policy in 2010 included protecting downtown olympia.

SINCE the last ice age sea levels have risen over 400ft,

IPCC scenarios expect up to 3ft of sea level rise by the end of the century. Maintaining carbon emissions through 2100 commits us to 23ft sea level rise. Sea level rise with el nino event can and will exceed estimated models.

Current flood zone at six inches of sea level rise will inundate 55 acres of land 48 properties and about 80 buildings including the L.O.T.T. treatment center. Mr. Christensen also went over several sea level rise scenarios from a 1ft model to 8ft of sea level rise.

What we now consider a flood event once a year will happen in the future about 30 times a year.

We need to adapt in order to protect our shorelines:

-Elevate/flood proof buildings,

-Storm drainage systems

-Elevate landscapes and roadways to prevent flooding

-Flood walls

-Retreat (eventually) not included in the current plan.


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