Megan Moore: Steelhead smolt survival through Puget Sound

View the presentation here.

Puget Sound steelhead have really declined over the last 30 years. Ouch!

Steelhead telemetry is a cool tool.

Greater migration distance means lower survival. Bummer.

Too bad that Puget Sound is such a tough place for juvenile steelhead.

Reciprocal releases of steelhead provided good info on watershed vs. population impacts.

Wow, 8 inch long steelhead make it out of Puget Sound in less than two weeks! Do they ever sleep?

Figuring out which predators want to turn these steelhead into meal-head! LOL!

Harbor Seals + High Tech Backpacks = I know what they did last summer!

Only 11 Harbor Seals detected quite a few of the tagged steelhead. Friends? Frienemies?

Good talk!

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