2021 Project Summaries

Same Faces, New Places: Examining Biotoxin Data Alerts Managers to Potential Biotoxin Vulnerabilities due to Climate Change

Experimental Olympia Oyster Restoration at Penrose Point State Park

When Modeling Meets Policy: Human Nutrient Impacts on Puget Sound DO

Acute Cerebrovascular Effects in Juvenile Coho Salmon Exposed to Roadway Runoff

Native Tree Water-Use and Stormwater Events in Lowland Puget Sound Forests

Subjective Human Wellbeing Related to the Natural Environment in South Sound

Light Trap Monitoring for Larval Dungeness Crab

LOTT’s Reclaimed Water Infiltration Study Update

Mapping Alexandrium catenella Cysts in the Surface Sediments of Puget Sound: A Comparison of Microscopy and Molecular Methods for Enumeration

Kitsap County Natural Resource Asset Management Project

Environmental fluctuation and shifting predation pressure contribute to variation in Puget Sound steelhead survival

Goldsborough Estuary/Shelton Harbor Restoration

Vaughn Bay Microbial Source Tacking Study