Lindsey Hamilton: Exploring drivers of fecal coliform pollution trends in South Puget Sound

View the presentation here.

Looking for fecal coliform in shellfish growing areas. Shellfish need to be protected! They even have districts…14 active Shellfish Protection Districts.

Lindsey is looking at changes and trends in fecal coliform in these Districts.

Bacteria data are variable…so she statistically accounted for salinity, temp, sample date, and rainfall.

Declines in trends in 5 out of 8 districts.

Rainfall is not associated with high fecal coliform loads in Henderson Inlet. Strange….

Stormwater infrastructure projects making a difference??? Maybe!

She created a restoration timeline tracking projects since 1989. Looks like a downward trend associated with restoration projects.

Mid-2000s had high coliform levels in Oakland Bay, but BMPs (best management practices) and better farm practices may have improved levels.

Burley Lagoon fecal coliform improved as well..due to agriculture BMPs and OSS?

Lessons Learned >>>

  • All watersheds should have septic operation and maintenance programs
  • Education and technical assistance for agricultural operations
  • Sustained funding for Shellfish Protection Districts



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